Oct 2011

Porsche GB Carrera Cup Scholarship 2012 Assessment Day


What a day! It started at 7.30 am when we individually had various questions fired at us the moment we arrived before breakfast. After breakfast and an introduction it was over to the National Circuit to test the car followed by some media interviews and assessment with Louise Goodman. I hadn’t driven the car before, but in greasy conditions it immediately inspired confidence - I was left wanting more and would love to get back in one sooner rather than later! In the afternoon we had fitness assessments which I did well in and we had to do a presentation/interview. We were then handed over to a military fitness instructor who did his best to exhaust us - at one stage I was expected to pick up Tom Ingram and run with him on my back but luckily they realised that he was quite a lot bigger than me and I was paired with Ollie Millroy instead! The day ended with some orienteering (in the dark!)   and I went home tired but satisfied with a good day’s work. Now the long wait until the announcement on Friday morning. Thanks to everyone at Porsche for an excellent day.